Scholarship Overview
NOGCSA Turf Scholarship

Instructions for Completing the Scholarship Application

To fill out your scholarship application, open the Adobe .pdf file below.

Selection Criteria
Five members of the NOGCSA Scholarship Committee will evaluate each applicant on:
  1. Academics
  2. Need
  3. Work History
  4. Commitment to the profession

To be eligible, the student must be:
  1. Currently enrolled in a college turfgrass management program at an accredited institution of higher learning.
  2. Work history should include at least one summer’s employment under the supervision of a NOGCSA member superintendent. The employment time frame should coincide with student’s college attendance.
  3. Deadline for application is October 31, 2023 by postmark, for the year beginning January 2024

How to Apply
Students must complete and submit the application and provide Official transcripts from all Universities and High Schools attended.
Applicants are evaluated on the criteria listed without regard to race, sex, creed, age or national origin.

Applications should be mailed to:
C/O Michelle L. Feher, CGCS
1106 Royce St. NW
Uniontown, Ohio 44685

NOGCSA Legacy Award Application

General information
The NOGCSA Legacy award offers education aid to the children and grandchildren NOGCSA members. This scholarship will be available for high school graduates that are pursuing a college education in an area of study other than Turfgrass Management. There will be up to two annual scholarships of $2,000.00 available for dispersal based on the NOGCSA board's decision.

 The NOGCSA Board will review applicants. The decision process will be completely anonymous with the broad not knowing the applicants name until the final decision is reached. The board’s decision will be final. All scholarship award checks will be made out to the applicant to be used for education expenses only.

  1. One or more of the applicant’s parents or grandparents must have been a NOGCSA member for five years and must be a current member. Children and grandchildren of deceased members are also eligible if the member was active at the time of his or her death.
  2. The student must be enrolled at an accredited institution of higher education, or in the case of high school seniors, must be accepted at and committed to such an institution for the next academic year. Graduating seniors must attach a copy of the letter of acceptance.
  3. Past winners are ineligible to apply.

Criteria for Selection
  1. Applicants will be evaluated on academics, extracurricular and community involvement, leadership and outside employment.
  2. The student must submit an original essay of 200-300 words.
  3. Deadline for applications is July 31, 2023 by postmark. The scholarship will be awarded at our Annual Meeting in November for use towards that years college expenses.

How to Apply
Students must download then complete and submit the Microsoft Word of pdf application form below and supply the following under one cover (applications must be typed):
  1. Transcripts from all high schools and colleges attended.
  2. Typed original essay and application.
  3. Graduating high school seniors must attach a collegiate letter of acceptance.
  4. Packets must be postmarked by: July 31, 2023
  5. Send packet to:
    1106 Royce St. NW
    Uniontown, Ohio 44685



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