Code of Ethics
As a member of the Northern Ohio Chapter of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, I accept and fully agree to abide by this code and pledge myself to:
  • Recognize and observe the highest standards of integrity in my relationships with fellow golf course superintendents and others associated with this profession and industry.

  • Recognize and discharge all my responsibilities and duties in such a fashion as to be a credit to this Association and profession.

  • Maintain the highest standards of personal conduct to reflect credit and add to the stature of the golf course superintendents' profession.

  • Practice sound business and turf management principles in exercising the responsibilities of my position.

  • Utilize every feasible opportunity to expand my professional knowledge, thereby improving myself and my profession.

  • Lend my support to, and actively participate in, the efforts of my local Chapter and National Association to improve public understanding and recognition of the golf course superintendents' profession.

  • Base my endorsements, written or verbal, strictly upon satisfactory personal experience with the product or service identified.

  • Abstain from accepting cash, merchandise, travel, or other considerations for personal gain that is not in the best interest of my employer.

  • Assist a fellow superintendent in all ways consistent with my abilities, when invited by the incumbent superintendent. Address my opinions only to that incumbent in surroundings that he deems to be private and secure. My assistance is given freely without compensation as a professional courtesy.

  • Abstain from the debasement of, or encroachment upon, the professional reputation, practice or employment of another superintendent.

  • Abstain from any exploitation of my profession, association, or industry.

  • Abstain from seeking a superintendent's position that is being held by another superintendent. If as to whether or not the position is open, contact the incumbent superintendent before agreeing to an interview.



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